Currently there exists three different data access Plugins for WMS. One for Webclients with connections over the internet, one with direct connection to relational database like Oracle, MYSQL, PostgreSQL etc. and the last one for SQLite as file database which can be delivered with apps and smaller applications without the need to collaborate with other people.

The relational database access has a very abstract table model, so it is very difficult to create requests direct over the database. The advantage of this approach is, that it doesn’t matter which application will be developed the table model will never change. So the technical user for the database access needs only privileges to select, insert or update data. No DDL privileges like create table are needed. The disadvantage is, that storing a new value to a new object in your application needs a new dataset in the table model. This plays no role if you have smaller application with less than 1 till 3 millions of values, but if you want to store a larger amount of data in the database, the application might be slow.

Because of these reasons we decided to implement new faster data access plugin which is easier to access. We will develop two new plugins. One that works like common OR Mappers as Hibernate which creates tables for each non abstract class. With this plugin we will also enable the usage of SAP HANA as data storage for our applications. The second plugin uses Neo4J as NO SQL Backend and we believe that this will be the fastes way to store and provide data in WMS solutions.

We are optimistic that we are able todeliver the new plugins in the middle of the year and lookin forward for feedback.