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The Chances

Become WMS Partner and provide the best and most efficient solution for your customers. Using WMS and becoming a partner as several advantages.

  • You are more effective than your competitor (You develop your application in fourth of time). So you safe development cost, you are able to offer cheaper prices or you increases your profitablity.
  • You can offer your customer multiple devices on which your applications work.
  • Your application consists of higher quality because it is less complex.
  • You get 10% from our support fee for providing the customer with your support

How to become a partner

We want to ensure the expertise of each candidate organization before accepting them as a official partner:

  • The candidate has developed at least one serious application with WMS.
  • The candidate employs at least two persons who have visited a WMS training.
  • Yearly subscription fee.

How do I join?

To find out more about the program benefits and requirements contact us.