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The best way to get started with WMS is to participate in our training courses. We offer in-depth training to help users develop a comprehensive understanding of WMS. WMS Authorized Trainers provide both a theoretical understanding of WMS accompanied by examples, and they also conduct hands-on labs on your preferred platform(s). We will visit you in your company and you will get a training course for your complete team. If you want a offer for a trainings course contact us on

On-Site Training

On-site classes can be customized on request and the instructor will come to your site for you to work in your own environment. On-site courses work best for companies that have several employees with the same background who need to learn WMS, companies that want to specify the timing for the training or want to design a course for a set of specific needs.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors are experienced both in the development of and teaching WMS, and through them the content of the training is brought to life in the classroom. The theory is accompanied by examples and assisted by hands-on lab sessions.

Our Guarantee

We can ensure that you will be a part of a expert learning environment, that you will have a certified instructor and that you will have updated, high-quality training material. You will be able to do the lab exercises and hands-on tasks on the platform(s) you prefer.